Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK)

Land of Hospitality

Formerly known as NWFP ( North Western Frontier Province ) lies along the Durand Line – Western border of Pakistan with Afghanistan.

Through this very region Aryans migrated from west to sub-continent around 2000 BC and initially settled along Swat, Gomal, Kurram and Kabul Rivers. 

Around 6th century BC it fell under Persians rule and was a part of Achaemenid Empire.

In 327 BC Alexander’s invasion of the Indian subcontinent laid the very foundation of Gandhara civilisation after its fusion with Greek Culture. Around 1000 AD it Muslim influence grew in the region and till date is in practice in every aspect.

Region is quite fertile and Upper tips in North-West is crowned with glaciated peaks and as you move south east valleys become wide as their rivers become tributaries for Indus. 

KPK’s culure is quite rich in terms of craft and is quite evident in their threadwork and architecture. While music traditions are quite sublime featuring Instruments like Rubab, Sitar and Tumbuk.

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