Capital of Ancient Gandhara

Capital of KPK; The present day city of Peshawar was once known as Purusapura – capital of ancient Buddhist Kingdom of Gandhara. Lying on the west bank of Bara River its till date a rendezvous for osmosis of culture, language, music and craft between West (Afghanistan), Central Asia and Indus Valley; needless to mention its centric location as a trade hub since its inception.

Ancient Kissa Khawni Bazar ( Street of Storytellers ) still preserves slight variations of antique trade products like rugs, carpets, pustins (sheepskin coats), karakul (lambskin) caps, and Chitrali cloaks.

Peshawari Rubab and Chapels (Sandals) are the most authentic takeaways if you ever visit this multicultural city.

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