A Pristine story of Wakhi’s

The wilderness of Borghil lies at the very westernmost border of Pakistan and connects to  Wakhan via its high altitude passes. The village of Kishmanja marks the beginning of Borghil region which stretches upto Karombar Pass. Broghil Pass 3807m, is the shortest and easiest route from Central Asia to Indian Sub Continent and was an important trade / pilgrimage route and line of Invasion up-till 8th century.

People residing here are Ismailis and of Wakhi origin, speak Persian dialect of Wakhi, are quite welcoming, tourist friendly and resort to basic and ancient culture of living in the mountains. Their mud plastered houses almost vanish with the folds of the hills often spotted by drying cheese loaves on their rooftops.

Broghil is so wide that gigantic mountains on either sides would appear as hills and true scale of the mountains can be judged by just climbing their curving foothills.

Curving hills along the river banks, often hide lakes in between thus making sanctuary for migratory birds. These curving hills might seem small from a distance, but once traversed;  are indeed tiny valleys and manifest the true scale of Broghil’s majesty. 

Ideal season to visit is from June till Mid September. Broghil Festival takes place in mid July which can combined with trek to Karombar Lake and Chilnji Pass to Chapursan in Upper Hunza or Zindikaram or Darkot Pass to Yasin.

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