Land of Saints

Land of Sindh, is quite rich in terms of culture, music and is known for hundreds of saints who settled along the wide delta of Indus River during their mystic journeys.

Landscape of sindh is quite diverse and ranges from Thar Desert in South, Kirthar in its West and Indus flowing through its centre is a major source of life for humans and wildlife alike, before it finally flows into Arabian Sea. 

Shrine of Shahbaz Qalandar in Sehwan and Shah Bhithai in Bhit Shah are among the most visited shrines of Pakistan. Their religious, cultural and artistic significance prevails till date with Ceremonial live Kalam singing at Bhit Shah every night and overwhelming Sufi Dance of Sehwan every evening are one of the most rare sights in the world.

The ancient ruins of Mohen Jo Daro date back to 3000 BC and signifies the history of Indus Valley – which is till date fertile and specially in Sindh it gives the best produce of fruits, vegetable and other grains. 

Folk music, warm welcoming people, colourful craftwork and diverse landscapes makes Sindh a must visit to see a different side of Pakistan. 

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