City of Lights

The city of Karachi, home to about 15 million people, multiple ethnicities, religions, is a perfect site of a metroplex in south east Asia.

Apart from being largest port city of and Trade hub of Pakistan, its history goes back to early 18th century and started from a small fishing village of Kolachi. In British era it became a port city specially after the opening of Suez Canal and connectivity of Karachi to rest of the continent through railways. It was the capital of Pakistan until 1959, and till date hides many elements of British Era in areas of cantonment and Clifton. Frere Hall, Mohata Palace, Quad e Azam House and the food street of Burns road are among the famous tourist attractions. 

Art and music is the beeting pulse of the city with small gigs, concerts and art exhibitions happening every weekend keep the city alive.

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