Mohen Jo Daro

Most Ancient Indus Civilisation

The civilisation of Mohen Jo Daro is the largest settlement of ancient civilisation of Indus Valley. Dating back to 2500 BCE, it is contemporaneous to civilisation of Egypt and Mesopotamia. Mohen Jo Daro means ‘group of ruins’; was a significant site in the history of ancient world and controlled only trade route between Bactria & rest of the world. 

Site till date is quite preserved, paved streets, separate housing blocks, central trade market, and its strategic position on Indus River suggests that the residents were relatively wealthy, sophisticated, and advanced in architecture and science.

This civilisation was prolly destroyed by a massive flood in Indus River, that now has changed course and flows a few kms away from the ancient city.

Its about a drive of 7-8 hours from Karachi, and is one of the ‘must see’ destinations in Pakistan.

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