Great Bolor

Baltistan is one of the five western Himalayan States, also known as Little Tibet or The Great Bolor, has been separated by Siachen Glacier from Greater Tibet. Home to four 8000 meter peaks, Baltistan spreads upwards from the Indus River. Local language is ‘Balti’ that is also affiliated with Tibetan. Its been a melting pot of Tibet, Ladakh & Kashmir, which is evident till date in language, culture and architecture. Medieval history of state starts from emergence of Turkish ruling Tribes around 9th century, ending the control of Tibeto-Dard Kingdom in the region. Buddhist inscriptions all around Baltistan are distinct evidence for Tibetan form of Tantric Buddhism. Islam spread into the region around 14th century with by Sufi Scholars from Persia & Central Asia. Baltistan comprises of several sub valleys like Shigar, Hushe & Kharmang with Skardu as capital of the region, where Indus makes a great lake around the city.

Skardu: Gateway to Karakorams

Skardu has been known to be the gateway to mighty Karakorams and has acted as a connection for the influx of religions, cultures from Tibet to Persia & Central Asia. Now its on the epicentre of ever growing Global Tourism with an International Airport which has opened up the Grandeur of Karakorams to all the Mountaineers, Paragliding and Skiing enthusiasts. Local spoken language is Balti which has been derived mainly from Tibetan. A jeep Safari to Deosai, Glamping in a Cold Desert or a Day trip to Khamosh Waterfall has turned Skardu into a Sensation for adventure enthusiasts and amateurs alike. 

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