Here are some best places to visit or things to do if you are in Hunza.

1: Ganish – Origin of Hunza

Often ignored by tourist this 1000 years old village is folded in an S-shaped bend on the KKH as it snakes down to cross Hunza River; a strategic position on Hunza River. For centuries Hunzakuts earned their livelihood by taxing the caravans along this branch of Silk Route between Gilgit and Kashghar. Ganish feature a central swimming pool, three of the original 11 watch towers and seven richly carved mosques about 500 years old. Through this very fortified village, Hunza remained impregnable for centuries. 

2: Altit Fort

Altit Fort is 1000 years old, the very first fort and birthplace of Hunza as a Kingdom, perched on a cliff that falls 300m sheer into the Hunza River. Altit fort is more authentic than Baltit and has been preserved in quite original matter.

The walk to fort is also one of its kind passing through Altit village and Royal Gardens. A guided tour to the fort will fill you in with the ancient history of Hunzakuts people, significance of their Bruhshuski Language (a linguistic isolate) and transformation of architecture and culture since 11th century.

3: Altit Village

Village of Altit is the heart of Hunza, till date preserves its language, music and folktales along its narrow cobblestoned streets. Village features a central pool and a sitting area; where in the day children can be seen swimming in the day, while at evening its a rendezvous of elders & women alike. The 1000 year old village also feature a 400 year old house, till date intact with many of its artefacts.

4: Eagles Nest

Duikar or Eagles Nest is the highest village of Hunza Valley, and the view point offers a Birds’ Eye view of entire Hunza Valley. One can also camp here to witness sunset and sunrise lighting up 4 peaks over 7000m (Rakaposhi, Ultar I & II, Golden Peak) and 11 peaks over 6000m. Eagles Nest & Hard Rock are among the most best hotels at Duikar. One can also do a hike upto Hosht at about 3600m to witness overlooking view of Ultar Glacier, although this should be done with a local guide. 

5: Baltit Fort

A 700 years old fort lying below Ultar Glacier was built on a wooden frame to withstand earthquakes. It was inhabited till 1950’s by Mir’s of Hunza as their palace to run affairs of the state. This fort has three stories, top one offering a wide valley view of Hunza. Baltit presents the iconic timelines of architecture and history from ancient times till the recent influence of British era in the region. Due to its centric location it also controlled the irrigation from Ultar Glacier. 

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