Badshahi Mosque

Mughal Era Marvel

Lahore’s most iconic building, Badshahi Mosque was built in 1672-74 during era of Mughal Emperor Aurengzeb; apart from being 5th largest mosque in the world it signifies the glory and scale of Mughal Era in sub continent. 

The grand scale of mosque ( spread over an area of 170m on each side ) is quite evident in its immense 60m tall four minarets.

The entrance to mosque is 22 steps above on plinth; a red sandstone facade featured by a Muqarna leads to the central courtyard which is an expansive sandstone paved area spreading over 276,000 square feet.

Prayer hall is again an edifice featured by three marble domes, four mini minarets and central entrance crowned by ornamented Muqarna; five arched entrances flanking central Muqarna on either sides. 

Interior of the mosque is embellished with intricate floral motifs carved in white marble and ceiling of the prayer hall is ornamented with elegant floral frescoes and Middle-Eastern style Muqarna.

Mausoleum of Great Sufi Poet Hazrat Allama Iqbal is right before entrance of Badshahi Mosque, a squarish marble block in the centre of Hazori Bagh.

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