Ultar Sar

The Dangerous Mountain

Ultar II or Ultar Sar is the most southeastern peak of Batura Muzatagh ( a sub-range of Karakorams ), with an altitude of 7388m it rises dramatically above is foreground i.e hunza valley. Sheer steepness, immense avalanche risk and vertical rock faces make it one of the most dangers mountains on the planet. It was highest unclimbed peak in the world until in 1995 a Japanese expedition did the first ascent of its SW face. 

After multiple summits of Naga Parbat, Ultar Sar is first inline to inherit the nick-name of most dangerous mountain on planet.

Trek to Ultar Base Camp / Meadows is quite steep and almost unaccessible due to a huge avalanche from Ultar Peak.

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