Rush Lake

Bualtar Glacier

Lying at an altitude of 4700 meters, Rush Lake is the second high altitude lake in the world. This lake is more about the panoramic backdrop view it offers. Sunrise here can be freezing the but reflection of changing hues onto Spantik, Malubiting and Miar Peak is quite marvellous. While in the north Ultar Sar can be seen rising behind Hunza valley. Its an ideal trek to get a first hands on for trekking into Karakorams.

Trek to Rush Lake starts from Hopar Glacier, early morning start is recommended to get to first Campsite i.e. Badichakor. After crossing Bulatar and Barpu Glacier in a span of 3-4 hours, a hike/walk of two hours in a meadow along the lateral side of Barpur Glacier brings you to Badichakor. This part of trek is relatively green with a backdrop of Spantic Peak. 

Again a early morning steep hike of 4 hours from Badichakor, brings you to Chidin Harai, this part is quite strenuous due to a dry path climbing for about 1150m, with equally rewarding views of Ultar in the North and Miar Peak / Glacier in the west.

Chindin Harai has a reliable water source and it an ideal campsite with a small Shepard hut. A hike of 2-3 hours brings you to Rush Lake, this portion although relatively less steep, but high altitude can cause shortness of breath.


Best season to visit is from May-September.


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