Rupal Base Camp

Shaigiri or Latobo

Shaigiri or Rupal Base Camp hides across the Bazhin glacier, from Herrligkoffer a slight steep climb on its eastern ridge, brings you to Bazhin Glacier.

Glacier crossing takes about an hour along a fairy obvious donkey path. After crossing the glacier, one descends down to the meadows of Tap, a huge grass field at about 3350m. 

Although for Shaigiri or Latobo, continue the trail along the right-side of stream instead of completely descending to Tap. After crossing the stream, its a flat walk through the sparse woods of an hour to a smaller flat field called First Base Camp. 

Further walk of an hour brings you round the end of a second terminal moraine, with a lake on trip, to another broad field; Latobo (meaning ‘stony place’), at about 3500m is also called Doug Scott Base Camp. 

Latobo is quite scenic with inter twining streams, massive boulders hiding small shepherd huts and insanely prominent view of Nanga Parbat on its south. 

From Latobo,  the path climbs gently over some moraine, then follows the north bank of the river through the woods to Shaigiri (meaning ‘white stone’ ), just 30 mins away from lateral of moraine of Shaigiri Glacier. 

This is also a good campsite at 3650m, with fresh water and superb views of south face of Nanga Parbat, an awesome jagged precipice 4500m high.

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