Ancient Gedrosia

History of Makran goes back to time of Alexander the Great. Known as Gedrosia in ancient times; through this very region Greeks invaded Arachosia, Alexandria and Bactria. Landscape is mostly Desert, Rivers fed by Monsoon Rains and coastal line stretching for about 600 kms. 

Word Makran originated from Persian Mahi Khoran meaning “fish eaters”.  This whole region is rich in wild life, pristine beaches and boundless horizons of wilderness makes Makran one of the unique coastal experiences in the world. Coastline starts from Kund Malir crossing over from majestic Hingol to Ormara, blends into Mars like landscape of Pasni which after spreading for miles to Gwadar and Pishukan gradually vanishes at Jiwani – the last beach before Iran.

In ancient times Makran was always known as Kech – Makran, till date many folklores of Sindhi and Balochi mentions the civilisation of Kech at the tip of Kech River near present day town of Turbat, which used to be a kingdom ruling over the wilderness of Makran coast since 5th century BC.

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