Garam Chashma

Hot Springs

Lies in the northwest of Chitral Town, Garam Chasma (Hot Springs) is two hours journey on a paved road along the south bank of Lutkho River. After passing through a spectacular steep-sided gorge, valley opens upto green wooded of Garam Chasma, known for its Hot Sulphur Springs i.e. believed to heal skin diseases, gout and headaches. 

This valley also offers sighting of Markhors at Toshi Markhor Conservancy where Markhors come in the evening by riverside to drink water.

The shrine of Nazir-i-Khisran, an Ismaili Shia missionary sent from Egypt in about 1050, lies on the island in the river at Garam Chashma. He converted people of Badkhshan, Central Asia, Wakhan, Chitral & Gilgit Baltistan to Ismaili sect of Islam. 

To get a proper experience of hot springs one should opt for Injigan Hotel, where you can just pay a fee for the pool and spend a day. 

Gobor is the last village, with Dorah Pass 4500m connecting to Chitral to Afghanistan and Utak Pass ( 4693m ) leads to Rumbur valley of Kalash

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