Chitha Katha Lake

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A murky turquoise lake, with a backdrop of Hari Parbat mountains is prolly the most dramatic landscape in Himalayan Mountains. With an altitude of 4115m, Chitha Katha is formed by glacial melts of Hari Parbat, which rises precipitously for 1000m, such rock towers are an unusual sight for Himalayas. 

Trek to Chitha Katha Lake starts with a 3 hours jeep ride from Kel, passing through many summer settlements. Across the shouter stream follow the trail alongside stream coming from Chitha Katha, Dak I is the first campsite with a small shepherd hut and its about a hike of 3-4 hours.

From Dak I to Dak II its a hike of 3 hours or less, Dak II is more scenic campsite with a backdrop of twin waterfalls running down from higher deck of Chitha Katha. From Dak II to Chitha Katha its a rather steep hike of 4 hours through many wild flowers and pin loops rising above the waterfall to the flatter tiny meadow, as you go up this meadow, Hari Parbat towers would start rising in the background as if its an animation, until you reach Chitha Katha Lake.

This stretch of hike can be strenuous, as oxygen levels get low and in general Chitha Katha trek is not ideal for amateurs. 

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