1: Gwadar

Stretching along the Makran Coast, journey to Gwadar offers one of the best coastal drives on planet. In summers this terrain is significantly hot and unwelcoming but in winters its sunny days are ideal for dipping in many of its sandy beaches. The journey to Gwadar passes by the otherworldly rock towers of Hingol, mars like hills of Pasni and many un-named or named beaches like Ormara, Kund Malir and Golden Beach. 

Gwadar Club & PC Gwadar are ideal places to stay are fairly close to many of nearby attractions like Koh-e-Batil, Golden Sand Beach & Towers of Pishukan. 

Gwadari grilled Fish and Halwa are special local cuisines that can be found inside old neighbourhood of Gwadar.

2: Shogran

A journey of 6-7 hours from Islamabad; starting with scenic drive of Hazara Motorway, curving through pin loops of Balakot leads to tip of Kaghan Valley i.e. Kiwai. Shogran is just an hours jeep ride from Kiwai and remains open throughout the winters. 

Arcadian Resort is the best place to stay and remain cozy to glimpse snowy peaks while sitting in your room.

Siri Paye meadows are usually inaccessible in winters due to immense snowfall, but if you are a hiking enthusiast; few hours hike from Shogran to Siri Paye will get you to pristine snows amongst pine trees.

3: Kalash

In mid December the pagan villages of Kalash celebrate the most authentic festival of the year known as Choimus. Although by mid December Kalash valley receives minimal precipitation but its rocky hills are fairly covered in snow. 

Since highlight is not just the landscape but the Choimus Festival; celebrations usually start by 10 of December and last till 25 December. 

Choimus festival starts with making walnut breads in every home and dance rehearsals in the Jestakhan (dancing hall )of Karakal village. 

Final dances inside the Jestakhan are around fire enchanted with chanting and whirling manifesting one of the last authentic pagan rituals of the world. 

In the day time Dances are in open spaces featuring large drums and folk songs.

Ayun Fort and Ayun Villa are the most perfect places to stay – just an hour jeep ride from Bamaburet or Rumbur. 

4: Malam Jabba

Malam Jabba is a perfect weekend destination with one of the best skiing resorts in Pakistan. Its just a of 5-6 hours journey from Islamabad, through scenic Swat Motorway. After a fresh snowfall its lofty hills gets covered with knee-deep snow making it ideal for ski learners. It also offers zip line, tubing and snow boarding. 

If you have a good budget staying in Pearl Continental Malam Jabba is totally worth it

5: Gorakh & Ranikot

Gorakh is the highest hill station of Sindh and along with Ranikot it makes a perfect weekend destination from Karachi. 

Ranikot is an ideal first night stay after leaving from Karachi, it offers both Huts and camping accommodation. Camping inside the fort is an experience of its kind. 

Early morning hike to Miri Fort is recommended for the birds eye view of the Great Wall of Sindh.

Gorakh is a journey of 5 hours from Ranikot and visiting the Shrine of Lal Shehbaz Qalandar is a perfect add-on in your trip for an authentic cultural experience.

Hiring Mini Jeeps from Wahi Bandi is a must; this ride itself is an experience passing through small villages, plains and then traversing through pin loops of Kirthar Mountains you get to the famous hill station of Gorakh.

One can also experience milky ways on a clear night from Gorakh Hill.

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