1: Royal Gardens, Altit

Undoubtedly the centuries old pruned beauty of Royal Gardens till date is an epitome of natural beauty and the blossom here blooms like no where else. Magpies flying through its apricot and almond bloomed trees present a scene of true Shangrila. Perfect time to visit blossom at its peak in Royal Gardens will be first week of April.

2: Yangal, Altit

Its a small village between Gahkuch and Gupis, about 23kms ahead of Gahkuch, comes this small hamlet called Yangal. Its best known for its colours of spring, perfectly aligned on many of its step gardens, truly manifesting the beauty of Ghizer. Alike Yangal, if you plan to experience blossom in Ghizer, you will find many of such hamlets on either side of the Ghizer river.

Perfect time to witness blossom at its peak is second last week of march.

3: Baltit

The cobble stoned streets of Baltit covered with blossom trees backdropped unhindered gleams of Rakaposhi is one of the most iconic sites on planet. It presents a unique contrast of nature complimenting streets and houses of the Hunzai folks. Infact blossom trees in such an surreal setting feels like euphoria.

4: Hopar

Although peak of blossom arrives here relatively later than central hunza; but if you are visiting the valley in second week of April, Hopar must be on your bucket list.

Alongside strolling many of its autumn gardens, you can also do a short trek onto Hopar Glacier. Locals are quite friendly and on a clear day it offers unhindered view of the whole Ultar Sar Wall. On an hour distance from central Hunza, it lies along Nagar stream turning from main KKH after Ganish bridge; its a perfect getaway from relatively busier central hunza

5: Minapin

The base town for trekking to Rakaposhi base camp, is also known for its blossom gardens. It lies before Hunza, if you keep following to the right of river after Rakaposhi view point. Minapin’s blossom gardens are ideal for a lunch stopover tasting its yummiest ever Chapshoros (Local Pizza Bread) 

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