Tirich Mir

Highest Peak of Hindukush

Lying in the backdrop of Chitral, Dome shaped, Tirich Mir (7708m) is the highest Peak of third highest mountain range of planet – The Hindukush 800 km long, 240 km wide, runs parallel to the Oxus River in northeastern Afghanistan and Yarkhun / Chitral River in northwestern Pakistan. Tirich Mir is a chain of 11 peaks, and the Highest (7708m) was scaled in 1950 by a Norwegian expedition, while Tirich Mir East (7692m) was scaled later in 1964.

Trek to Tirich Mir base camp takes about 4-5 days from Chitral / Buni. Jeep goes till last permanent village of Shahgram or you can also Hike Down from Zani Pass (3866m) to Shahgram. Instead descending to Shahgram, trekking along southwest ridge for about 15kms from Zani Pass, brings you to village of Atrak; which is ideal for a first campsite.

From Atrak, trekking along south bank of Tirich River, next ideal campsite is after crossing last summer settlement of Romin Kulum, at an altitude of 3400m, it’s a meadow nestled among birch trees. 

Another campsite in grove of valley, is at Shekniak (3500m), from here a steep climb of 2-3 hours brings you to the Tirich Glacier.

After crossing Tirich Glacier a difficult trek along its northside brings you to Shogor Biasin at 4100m. At this point, Lower Tirich Glacier joins Upper Tirich Glacier and short hike along Lower Glacier gives magnificent views of the main Tirich Mir Peak.

Continuing up the north side of Upper Tirich Glacier, bring you to Babu Camp (4700m), which offers splendid views of Ghul-e-lasht, Asp-e-Sufaid, Noshaq and Istronal but not Tirich Mir.

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