On many Crossroads

Mastuj, now the last town of Upper Chitral, was once a capital of a separate principality formed with Yasin.

At an elevation of 2400m & 107km from Chitral town, it lies at the conjuction of Yarkhun & Laspur river; Mastuj has been strategically significant for many kingdoms.

At this very node, wilderness of Wakhan meets the two major crossroads i.e. Gilgit on the south & Chitral in the east. For centuries it has controlled the osmosis of culture, religion and power.

Like rest of the region until 11th century it was under Buddhist Influence, with relatively modest, impetuous and lively natives. It remains open throughout the year, accessible by a jeep journey of just two hours from Buni. 

Winters here can be really cold; autumn season is best to witness the colours of fall and to avoid heat of the summers.

Its a perfect night stay for Journey from Chitral to Gilgit via Shandoor, or before venturing off for trekking into Broghil or Karumbar Lake.

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