Borith Lake

Borith lake is nestled near Gulmit, Gokal in upper hunza at an altitude of 8500 ft(2600m). It is surrounded by rugged mountains on one side and grassy outfield towards the other shaped perfectly, the lake is tear drop silver color that glitters in the monastery quite environment. The Tuscany blue sky slashes above the lake and the mere reflection of the sky and the surrounding mountains is lucid. The glorious luster of the water remains admirable throughout the year as it remains unruffled by the winds and the rain. If you look closer, you can see ducks and geese waddling in the lake leaving behind a trail and giving a beautiful view of its own. Between the seasons of spring and summer biroth lake is a refuge for many migrating birds specially at the evening time. Their level of beauty is daunting. From their colors and, their texture of feathers and plums, they are mesmerizing in all splenders. As they sing and whistle across the lake, these can become natures one of the most glorious accessories to the outdoor world and an eye candy for the bird watchers. Borith lake is a wonderful place to have a spectacle of the glittering stars at night. The sky remains indigo with millions of little shinning dots and the constellations of stars remain scattered over the heaveny sky. This is a delightful sight to behold the body of the moon as its luminosity can be staggering.

Getting There

Borith can be reached by a 2km route from the Husseini village. 4×4 Jeeps should be preferred for this unpaved and bumpy road. Lake is accessible in winters as well. Local transport access Husseini Village daily in summers.

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