Baltit Fort

baltit fort karimabad

Traced back to over 200 years ago, this rich beauty remains erected in a rocky outcrop near the base of the ultar peaks, in the karimabad city .The half an hour climb through the narrow steets to the fort itself might pose a challenge to few. The baltit fort is an inspiration of the princess of Baltistan who had married the Mir of hunza and brought in Balti masons and architects to build this monument and therefore the structure of baltit fort greatly resembles the architecture of Tibet/ladakhi. Pioneered By the forts original builders this unique structure stands tall and has become one of the most visited forts in the world and the grandeur of the forts remain unmatched. Constructed using Timber and mudbricks this place has sophisticated interior. It’s a three story building with about 53 roams and maintains a library and a museum. The entrance leads to a dark hall where there you see dark low height rooms in all directions. A wooden staircase takes you to the rooms each having its own story, taking you back to the era of the Mir’s. Exhibits of clothing, utensils, paintings, maps, ancient musical instruments leaves you in awe. Worth noting a fact is that only 25 people can move through each room at a time. The third story overlooks the whole of the hunza valley so you can have the most amazing view of one of the world’s largest peaks in every direction. From the beauteous spantik peak to the majestic rakaposhi every peak can be seen clearly. People usually come here to view the sunset as the sun dips behind the crest of mountains, sky ablaze and awash with colors and threads of light lingered in the sky, mingling with the rolling clouds. The Brilliant orb of chamber and tangerine sinks lower and lower into the sky until it disappears into the horizon, painting the sky in shades of fiery red and crimson. The fort remains illuminated at night with natural light from the dawn glowing in the background.

Getting There

Baltit Fort can be accessed by all type of vehicles; its just a 10 mins steep walk from Karimabad Market. Remains open from 09:00am to 05:00pm. Entry tickets are Rs 200.

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