Altit Fort

Altit Fort Hunza

Altit fort is the birthplace of the Hunza kingdom. The date of construction is written to be as 955 A.H/1548 AD making it one of the oldest forts known. It lies on the sheer rock cliff which stands 1000 ft right obove the Hunza river. Altit first name was Hunukushal. The towering shikar tower,a small mosque, grain and storage houses and guest rooms are one of the few features of this monument which have been built at 6 different stages of construction. The conical features of this spectacular masterpiece and towering watchtower had made it a defensive fort from where the people of Hunza would view their enemies approaching. The fort opened as a museum and a cultural centre after the renowned work of you highness IV Aga khan that restored it. The Altit village greets you with the perfect atmosphere where the melodious music plays in the background and lies in the centre is a pond in which you see children and adults diving. A guide accompanies you along the journey of the fort. it is distinguished by its undersized rooms and low porch with delicate wood carvings. As the guides talks about the amazing stories from how they calculated time from the shadows created by the sunlight to how the prisoners were thrown down into the Hunza river right from the edge of the fort, is place gives one memorable experience. A cafe tugged away under the shadow of the fort ;quaint and charming, its a quiet place where people can enjoy the traditional food of Hunza as you view the lush royal garden which are terraced and shaded by mulbery, apricot and apple trees that blossom in spring. Benches are kept in the garden where you can just lie and enjoy the green scenic beauty.

Getting There

Historical tours of Altit Fort run from 9.30am to 5.30pm, 7 days a week. Altit fort can be accessed with all kind of vehicles in few minutes from Karimabad. Remains accessubile throughout the year. Autumn and summers are favourite visiting seasons.

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