Seasons in the sun: your ultimate bucket list beaches to visit!

Seasons in the sun: your ultimate bucket list beaches to visit!

The sublime salty mist, the cool summer-like breeze, the glimmering hues of green and blue beneath that crystal clear water; that is the true depiction of various beaches of Pakistan. With waters as pure as the land itself, it’s something of a wonder to witness these beauties up close in their heavenly majestic form.

The beaches of Pakistan have a magical touch, bringing life to various exotic aquatic animals. It is a hub of tasty fishes, mysterious turtles and undiscovered specimens that could stun the wildest of adventurers. The vibrant sea shells embellished on to the sandy yellow beaches adds to the phenomenal scenic beauty, while the fluorescent jelly fish studded in the blue waters provide an exhilarating vision. The beautiful Makran coastal highway connects to most of the southern beaches, travellers rest at these tremendous sites and revitalise their souls. These are a great respite for the people of Balochistan and Karachi. In fact, people from all over the country flock over to these areas to take a whiff of the fresh breezy beaches that God has endowed us with.

Here is the list of top 5 beaches of Pakistan.

Kund malir beach  road

1) Kund Malir beach, Balochistan

Travelling on the beautiful N10 Makran coastal highway, you are soon to come across a place that looks right out of a glossy travelling guide book; the beautiful Kund Malir beach. The most mesmerising beach life can offer, this place is submerged with gleaming teal waters and sun kissed sand. Pakistan Navy is in charge of the cleanliness and maintenance of this place, and it looks like it’s in responsible hands. Residing Near the region of Hingol, 145kms from the zero point, this unique beach is known as one of the most beautiful beaches of the world.

This beauty, however, lacks basic facilities of hosting guests, network services and fuels stations. It is perhaps the very reason this area offers a soothing and calming effect on it’s guests. Completely cut off from the rest of the world, you are sure to find solace in this magical heavenly land.

A romantics paradise, this place is ideal for newly wedded couples and young adventurers who crave to view Pakistan’s natural wonders. Balochistan is an uncultivated diamond mine, with much more to offer than meets the eye. In terms of captivating splendour and majestic marvels it comes close to wonders popular around the world, but like a pearl, it remains hidden away.

Fishing is a popular profession of locals around the Makran coast; Kund Malir is hence, no stranger to a range of exotic aqua-life. With a variety of tasty fish and crabs, the fish market is a great area where tourists can get a succulent bite of this lands savory meat.

princess of hope

An unusual and interesting archeological wonder to witness on the journey to Kund Malir, is the Princess of hope. According to the locals, the actress Angelina Jolie reported to have called the spot a resemblance of a princess. It was after that monumental moment that the elegantly carved rock because a popular location for tourists.

The drive from Kund malir to Ormara is just as spectacular as the beach. It is located inside the gigantic Hingol national Park, house to splendid archeological sites and majestic animals. It is a tourist’s utopian dream come true!

Ormara beach

2) Ormara beach, Balochistan

Under the enchantingly warm Balochistan sun, you are soon to come across a land which will leave you hypnotised. The great Ormara beach; the love of tourists and wild hearted adventurers is located in the town of Ormara in Gwadar district, it is only 360 km from the city of Karachi. Its iconic name, mentioned in the Periplus of the Erythraean Sea as Oraea, had made it a legendary location in history.

The population of the town, roughly over 20,000 consists of some of the most hospitable and unique individuals who welcome locals and foreigners whole heartedly. This small fishing village is known greatly for its exquisite and tasty fish species. Crabs and salted shrimps have also become a delicacy in this region.

The beach itself is a remarkable location. With cliffs marking the outskirts, the splashing and swirling waters and cool breezy air makes for a captivating moment. The surrounding domain depicts sandy dessert environment accurately, with sun tanned locals in their beautiful tradition garbs; it all makes for a memorable and truly amazing experience.

Sunset from Hammer Head, Ormara.

Ormara’s Hammer head is a famous point a the top of a cliff to get an aerial view of ormara beach and city. One can spend the whole night over here to witness shooting stars and sunrise over the never ending view of blue Arabian sea. Moreover sunsets of Hammer Head are often mentioned as the most amazing ones.

The irresistible beach offers lunching opportunities, around the beautifully carved landscape. A range of beautiful marine life squatting the waters including spinner dolphins and exotic crustaceans, leave the tourists stunned and amazed. Dipping in the warm beach water has become the hobby of individuals herding here.

Gadani beach Balochistan

3) Gadani beach, Lasbella Balochistan

Residing in the heart and soul of Lasbella district of Balochistan lies the inherently beautiful, Gadani beach. It is located on the Arabian Sea near the Cape Monze and Hub river. Etched with clefty hills and glistening blue waters, this beach has become one of the most popular locations for tourists and soul searching adventurers.

Hosting a large fish market, Gadani provides a variety of exotic marine species including King mackerel and sardines. At one point, a large monster whale was also captured by the locals; this however sparked a huge controversy and cat mouse chase with the police. With other facilities at hand nearby, one does not fret about food and fuel, instead just whiffs the salty sublime air and frolicks the beautiful outskirts of the beach. Marked around sandy warm sands, the greenish blue waters glimmer like jewels under the Balochi sun.

Gadani ship breaking yard

Gadani has a superior socio economic importance for Pakistan as well, It is one of the world’s largest ship breaking yard. With an annual capacity of hosting more than a hundred ships of all sizes and heights including large Cargo ships, this region has a grander importance for the trading industry.

The ruggedly brawny Balochi and Pathani men, working swiftly to lift the steel along the beach is a unique sight too. The beach promotes a feeling of equity all around, bright young and cheerful faces, flattering the phenomenal background. Hustling and bustling on the beach never tires anyone and that is the magic of Gadani. For the sightseers and tourists, this is an ideal time to interact with the natives and discover newer cultures and beliefs.

With the provision of most of the steel needed for construction Industry, this area is often flocked by businessmen and traders. Various other industries are also located nearby such as the milling and oil industries; the region is self-dependent for most of the goods and exports the rest, lending a huge helping hand to the foreign trade of Pakistan.

Pasni Beach

4) Pasni, Balochistan 

Incorporating the richest and most vibrantly blue waters the world has ever witnessed, Pasni beach is the most serene and dreamlike location Gwadar has to offer. The contrasting dull and sublime sand creates troughs and carvings that create this mystically enchanting beach. Located on the Makran coast on Arabian Sea at roughly 300 km from Karachi, this beach has become a notable tourist spot.

The optimal tides and warm waters make this place and ideal location for surfers, sailers and paragliders. A range of snorkeling and underwater swimming opportunities are also available here. The under waters are flooded with vibrant coral reefs and exotic marine species.

Astola Island, Pasni.
Astola Island, Pasni.

Astola Island, Pasni.

Pasni also houses unique and mysterious islands, Astola Islands, which are a group of associated atolls located on the Arabian Sea. These are isolated from the rest of the beach and provide a fresh and peaceful environment. It takes about 5 hours with the help of motorized boats and ferries to get there, but the destination is worth the wait.

Camping, fishing, scuba diving expeditions are very popular here and provide a unique area to bond with your loved ones. A number of exclusive turtle hatcheries are also breeding on these islands, providing the traveler with a spectacular view of Mother Nature.

The area can only be accessed by a special permit, any littering or destruction of property heavily fined. This protects the sanctuary and ecology of the spectacular islands. These lagoons and islands offer a range of opportunities for tourists and provide the perfect leisure and relaxation spots away from the stress induced lifestyle. The local cuisine of Pasni is very flavorsome and aromatic, sometimes bearing similarities with the Sindhi cookery. With an Airport nearby, the area is easily accessible by air; however most travelers enjoy the route to the grand beach as must as the final destination.


5) Paradise point, Karachi

Just as the name suggests, the divine and utopian nirvana on earth, Paradise point is one of the most popular beaches of Karachi. Being in one of the utmost industrialized and modernized cities of Pakistan, this beach is a contemporary yet peaceful panacea for the nerve-wracking and demanding lifestyles of Karachites.

The once iconic arch on the largest rock; gave this region its unique topography. However demolished by the force of tides, it now makes an interesting archeological site. Despite its landscape demolition, the captivating beauty remains an enormous tourist attraction. The clear cool waters of the placid winter sea and the surrounding rocky terrain make for a magnetic location. They say many hearts have united here on Paradise point.

The surrounding area is packed with little huts and hotels, providing a range of local and desi cuisines. A variety of fish, crabs, shrimps and prawns are caught and served hot for the tourists blended in a range of delicious local herbs and spices. It is an exemplary opportunity for travelers to experience the diverse tastes and aromas this region has to offer.

Paradise point, Karachi

The blue and cool waters are docked with jellyfish and bluebottles and the sandy soil is elaborated in a range of colorful and diverse seashells. It is a tremendous picnic spot for families looking to spend some quality time together. Camel and horse rides are also relatively popular here, with children and adults enjoying the expedition alongside. A number of amusement parks and play areas are also present, much to the delight of little ones.

Karachi enjoys optimal weather year round. Travelers and sightseers make expeditions to these beaches throughout the year. In the summers, the cold breezy wind brings comfort from the scorching heat and in winters the warm air and heated sand becomes the perfect relaxation spot.

The golden sand beach, not only allures the wild hearted travelers, but provides enormous strategic socio economic benefits. Trading has become an important lifestyle of inhabitants here, with large docking piers and boats available all around. This activity has seeped in the culture of sindhis, with fishing and boat making becoming significant professions.

Paradise point is relatively near to other beaches popular in Karachi including Hawkes bay and Sandspit beach, all these collectively are an amalgamation of the mystical and beautiful natural beauty Karachi has to offer. With a range of snorkeling, scuba diving and swimming opportunities available, families and friends flock here from all over the world to enjoy vacations and unwind.

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