Travelogue by Iman Kazani

Travelogue by Iman Kazani

Teen Talwar

Teen Talwar is one of the highlights of Karachi. It is situated in one of the main roundabouts at Clifton Road. The three marble swards stand for Unity, Faith and Displine. Clifton was always known as a posh locality and when Teen Talwar initially went up, Clifton was under populated however nowadays due to over-population, and the famous teen Talwar provides a congested look.

(When visiting teen Talwar, one may have a look at the famous flea markets situated.)

Frere Hall

The Frere hall is named after the famous British Viceroy; Sir Barrel frè was initially constructed to be a Karachi Town Hall but later became a space for art exhibitions. The Frère hall consists of a Sadequain Art Gallery.


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